Páxina pechada. Lanzamento: 22/03/2013. Peche: 20/04/2017.
Todas as campañas
Todas as ferramentas


Galego, Castellano

Governments have revealed themselves to be instruments of what they call “markets”, but these are actually big well-known transnational and financial companies.

We condemn and reject the deception they cast on the citizenship, presenting social cutbacks as the only possible exit from the crisis, through the loss of rights and liberties. People and groups throughout the world show that there are alternatives to get out of this crisis and that other paths are possible and necessary.

The protests which have spread across the planet since the spring of 2011 have served as a social stimulus in the face of the imposed situation; an encouraging movement that we should neither forget nor let disappear. 

We stress not only the threats on our economies, but also on “democracy” itself: less than 1% of the population decides the present and the future of the other 99%.

As a community formed by citizens, our basic objectives are: diagnosing reality from diversity, defining and offering alternatives; mobilising and encouraging specific actions and initiatives to fight for human rights, dignity of workers, ethical consumerism, ecology, interculturalism, gender equality, etc.; always walking towards a fair social system.

We call to the union of people and social groups in order to put a united and caring response to the capitalist crisis in motion.



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