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  • Creates, plans and coordinates actions.
  • Designs material.
  • Carries out dynamization and/or social alternative projects.
  • Spreads the different initiatives and actions.

It is made up of:

  • Action Team: Carries out all kind of street initiatives (demonstrations, protests, blockings…)

  • (Counter)culture Team: Their objective is to create dramatic street actions directed towards social change through social, political and cultural awareness.

  • Counter-information Team: Carries out both digital and street initiatives in order to provide the public with critical and constructive information (counter-advertising, graffiti…). 

  • Spreading Team: Spreads information about the different campaigns and initiatives (poster pasting, handing out pamphlets…)



  • Creates discourse and counter-discourse
  • Organizes formation activities such as meetings, presentations, projections…
  • Creates, translates and gathers information (books, videos, documents, representations…)

It is made up of:

  • Documentation Team: Takes care of investigation, structuring and making texts, reports and informations.

  • Translation and Orthography TeamTakes care of translating and correcting all the documents the platform produces and receives.



  • Manages everything that is related to media communication.
  • Homogenises messages.
  • Channels informative demands.
  • Is the association’s representative when facing the media.
  • Creates informative material and makes the issues in which ECOAR))) is interested “newsworthy”. These can be issues related to ECOAR)))’s work, suggestions and complaints or whatever issues affect its social range or environment.



  • Develops and is in charge of everything related to the technological field.
  • Manages and the web page and social networks.
  • Designs graphic material, both digital and physic.
  • Designs campaigns and spreading strategies and is in charge of its development in the digital field.
  • Develops computer tools and applications.

It is made up of:

  • Web Team: Management, monitoring, building, protection and constant update of the web (security, tool development…).

  • Social Network TeamSupport, management and update of social networks (publications, users…)

  • Audiovisual Team: Creates all kind of material in order to advertise and spread the initiatives and information along the lines of ECOAR)))’s basic points (promotional videos, documentaries, photographs…).



  • Manages the joining and leaving of organizations and people in ECOAR))) and in the different groups that make the programme up.
  • Is in charge of analysis and evaluations, both external and internal.
  • Seeks the coordinated action of/with all groups, associations and people.
  • Creates all kind of documents and strategies needed for the coordinated and effective running of the programme.

It is made up of:

  • General Coordination and Management TeamCreates strategies, evaluates, creates general documents and seeks the coordinated action of the programme. It is also in charge of recruitment, joining and leaving. (SWOT analysis, protocols, strategic documents, general monitoring…).

  • Treasury: Manages the economy and creates coherent initiatives to raise funds (assessments, fundraising events, budgets…).

  • Legal Team: Gives advice and acts as a consultant concerning the legal issues of ECOAR))) (solving doubts, documentation, assistance…).

  • Internodal: Looks for actions, initiatives and contacts from the local to the international level.


Every group is in charge of helping the different organizations and/or activists solve any doubt or meet any necessity that they have in the different fields.



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