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How we work

Galego, Castellano




  • Our behaviour, actions and initiatives always follow the line drawn by our 10 ideological points and the action principles consistent with these points.


  • Our group works because each person ALWAYS does what they promise. We build trust among each other.


  • We seek quality, not quantity.
  • We do not only fight against the current system, but we also look for solutions and alternatives.


  • Every opinion ALWAYS has a voice and place.
  • Social response is always understood as a RESPONSIBLE, EFFECTIVE, PLANNED, QUALITATIVE and FEARLESS response.


  • We are guided by integrity in every action, situation and circumstance, and not by the established legislation.


  • Each participant contributes with WHAT they want, WHEN they want and THE WAY they want.
  • This is an open project which is formed depending on the people who join it.


  • Economic Independence
    • We do not accept money from governments or companies.
    • There is a limit on individual contributions in order to avoid “dependence” from any of the parties.
  • Action Independence
    • We only represent ourselves. We define ourselves as a nonunionist, nonpartisan and non-confessional association.
  • Legal Independence
    • We do not exist legally.

We join our efforts

  • We move away from “purity”; we seek generosity in agreements, so we focus on the common points.
  • We seek convergence between people and groups with similar social concerns.
  • If there is no agreement, ECOAR))) will not take action, but its members may.


  • Transparency prevents different working rhythms within the group. Thus, we all keep the same pace, seeking the same objectives and the same strategy and philosophy.
  • Transparency prevents distrust inside and outside the group.


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