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ECOAR))) is a structure in which groups coordinate effectively in order to:

Start, support and/or defend projects, initiatives and demands, both individual and collective, for social dynamization and critic.

Decide the approach, construction and execution of joint actions and initiatives (discursive lines, press releases, task distribution and responsibility assignment…).

ECOAR))) is a tool that seeks to help meet needs and also improve the impact, action and work of the different groups, initiatives and campaigns (spreading announcements, complaints, actions, etc.; providing the means to help organizations create their own resources, such as web sites, viral videos, etc.).).


… can take part whenever they want in the general assemblies that take place fortnightly (suggestions, communications, coordination…).

… can take part by using the different tools which ECOAR))) provides (web site, virtual calendar, enquiries, signing of petitions, A Boia magazine…).

… can take part by giving and taking advice about different issues related to activism (legal advising, campaign approach, examples of press documents…).


What kind of groups are there?





What kinds of activism are there?


– Takes part regularly in the organization.

– Has power of decision.


– Takes part regularly during just a campaign or season.

– Has power of decision while he or she remains active.


– Takes part regularly and is in charge of specific tasks (creation of documents, paste posters…).

– Has no power of decision.


– Does not take part regularly and is in charge of very occasional tasks (reinforces the tasks carried out by the collaborators).

– Has no power of decision.


How to join

Depending on your motivations and capacities you can decide where your profile fits the best. Thus, you can take part in the organization in three different ways:

– Joining any of the Ecoar))) Groups

– Joining any of the Ecoar))) Teams

– Joining Ecoar)))’s Assembly

Being part of any of Ecoar)))’s structures (Groups, Teams and Assembly) is not incompatible with joining any other of the structures or any other kind of social organization (groups, parties, programmes, associations, trade unions, groups, cooperatives…).


Characteristics of activism in ECOAR)))

Active: “There is no superior entity that decides for us”.

Always keep the compromise“I motivate other people”.

Responsible: “We just promise what we can deliver”, “fear can NEVER mark our actions”.

Qualitative: “We do not seek to fall into activism for the sake of activism, or act without a goal or in order to fulfil what is expected. We move in order to achieve something”.

Not Endogamous: “We are part of society, not an elite. We do not know how to do it alone”. “We must not fall into activism just to earn a pat on the back”.

Flexible: “Each activist contributes what they can, as they can, when they can”.

Coherent: “We want the group to follow a practical line identical to the theoretical one”.

Highly Specialised: “Each activist knows what to contribute to the group and how to make the group improve”. “We seek to create a qualitative social response”.

Effective: “Initiatives start from objectives that are developed within a plan and that are monitored and evaluated”.


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